Angel Message Of The Day : Transformational Gratitude



In all things, in all places, in all ways, know you are loved; know Source is with you always as are my brethren and I are always with you.  


Know you are never alone. Alone is another way of saying All One with God.  

What is before you that you wish to have transformed?  


Express gratefulness for the many gifts of love, friendship, knowledge, abundance, for all things occurring before you.  


Be open to receive what you ask.  Be open to giving that which you ask.  


Light an orange or white candle; focus upon the flame, allowing all that no longer serves your highest and best good to be released. 


Focus upon the flame of the candle; see the light of the flame illuminate all about you.  See light where darkness had been.  See light open the way before you.  


Transform thoughts, emotions, your ways to reflect love and light.  


Know you are loved.  Know you light the way for you.  Know you light the way, seeing beyond limitations of the Earthly realm. 

Expressing gratitude is an expression of thankfulness, of love, opening your heart to receive all that you already are.  


Know yourself.  Know your core essence.  


Know all is in Divine Order occurring in Divine Time.

Amanda Cooper

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