Angel Message Of The Day : Mercy, Compassion, Grace

Archangel Metatron 

As you step out into the light of the morn, be compassionate for there are many who cannot see the light in themselves. Be their light and their guide, for they deserve the very best. Be the very best version of yourself and know that you were created with a purpose in this life. You are here for a reason and it is your responsibility to discover what that reason is. Stay curious and open-minded, but most of all stay humble. When you come out into the early light, be kind, for many cannot see the light within themselves. When you emerge from the night’s darkness and into the morning’s light, be kind. Many people are unable to recognize their own light.

 Be compassionate with yourself for you have also walked in the shadows of darkness. Under the social mask we put on every day, we all have a hidden shadow side that is impetuous, wounded, sorrowful, or solitary and that we frequently attempt to ignore. Because it may be a source of emotional depth and vibrancy, acknowledging the Shadow can be a step toward healing and leading an honest life.

Be merciful towards all who have no mercy for themselves or others. Through compassion, you grow in mercy, which is a quality akin to forgiveness. … This quality is concerned with compassion, indulgence, and forgiveness. You can ask the judge for leniency, which results in a lesser sentence if you are found guilty of a crime. Acts of kindness include showing someone forgiveness and putting an end to their suffering.

 Be in a state of grace, be compassionate, merciful; for all creatures great and small are beings of Light. The ability to feel what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes can sometimes be fatal. It is the understanding that unless there is peace and joy at last for both of you, there will never really be any peace and joy for me. Be kind, compassionate, and merciful since all life, great and small, is a manifestation of Light. 

 Be willing to see past the shadows of darkness within your heart center. Many interpret this to signify things like our melancholy, wrath, sloth, and brutality. However, you can also view traits like your independence, personal strength, or emotional sensitivity as impolite and inappropriate. If you examine your heart carefully during moments of joy, you will find that the only thing that is making you happy is what used to make you unhappy. Accept and totally “excavate” our Shadow, the inner darkness that appears to be there.

 Be willing to see past the shadows of darkness in all who walk beside you. The enemy who walks alongside you as a friend poses more of a threat than the one who lurks in the shadows behind you. We have some people here who sing that the Shadow will leave and peace will return. Shadows stand for unease, doubt, and evil magic. But they may also be advantageous. They may stand for comfort and security. The symbolism of secrecy and the unknown, however, dominates shadow symbolism the most.

 Allow the Light Divine Source to shine through you this day and all your days. Spend time with the one who brings sunshine if an addiction, sorrow, or gloom are limiting your freedom. You might use a variety of tactics to accomplish this goal. As a first measure, establish a meditation or go through the Bible. Come into direct contact with God’s word, pay any attention to what it has to say, and enable it to serve as a constant reminder of what God has prepared for you. Another option to do this is through worship.

 Mercy, compassion, grace How shall you tread upon the path before you this day? To appropriately respond to his love and kindness, we must first be aware of our need for such things. We must accept in humility that we are all sinners and flawed individuals and that whatever we possess is thanks to Him. Let’s quit focusing on ourselves and set our egos aside. He never requested anything in exchange for His grace or charity. The grace and mercy that He so freely bestowed upon us might then be shared with the rest of the world via deeds of kindness and compassion.

Amanda Cooper

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