Angel Message Of The Day : Dawn Breaks Through The Darkness Of Night

Angel of Dawn


With the rising of the sun, a new day begins, and choices abound for you. When the sun rises, you are given the chance to start anew when a new day starts. You are given the opportunity every day to choose how you will be spending the day. You are given the opportunity to start again. This means if odds are not in your favor today, give yourself a pat on the back. Tomorrow, you can start once again and you have the opportunity to make things better. You are not stuck in the darkness, and this too shall pass. 


The unknown is not to be feared. The unknown is to be celebrated, for in not knowing the outcome the magic unfolds before you. It may seem worrying at first, and the worry in your heart may not be immediately reassured. However, you must remember that with the unknown, you are given the chance to anticipate and make the most out of the situation. All are in the Divine Order, and you must put your trust in all that the light will come at the end of the tunnel and you can start anew.

Release the outcome of that which is before you. Release the attachment to that which you seek.  In the seeking, there is joy.  In asking, there is knowledge.  In the knocking, all is revealed. Manifest all of your desires and they shall come true in the moment of seeking, asking, and knocking. Release all of your expectations, and once again, focus on your heart’s desires. When you let go of the things that are no longer serving you, you are given the chance to become a better person. Seek your heart’s desires and continue to focus on love and light.


Dawn breaks through the darkness of night. The light shines through perceived darkness.  Illuminate that which you strive to surrender. You must remember that in every darkness, there is a light within you and it will dawn on you, as well. You are never alone in the journey that you are taking, and even in the darkest of hours, you will once again be in the presence of light. The light will shine through regardless of the situation that you are in. You will have the opportunity to start again, so do not lose heart, for you are given the chance every day to be a better version of yourself.

It is in the light, all is revealed, and all is made known to you. Seek first the light, all else is an illusion. Seek first the light and love of the Divine Source. The hindrances and distractions may lead you to the darkness that you have known all your life. You may be in the presence of illusions that may sometimes hinder your path toward greatness. Do not let them. Instead, you must seek the light and love that has always been within you. You are meant for greater things, and focusing on the light will be your guide toward the path that you are meant to take.


Release yourself from self-judgment and the judgments of others. Release fear. Release worry. Release all that is not borne of love. You must try to understand your surroundings and show compassion and empathy. You must focus on releasing the fear and worry, all that is not borne of love must be let go so that you can focus on the love and light. Let go of the worries and fears that might hinder your growth. Instead, you must focus on the happiness, peace, and hope that a new day begins


Surrender all that you are into the light and love of the Divine Source. All is given to you this day and the next.  When you surrender to the light and love, you will be nothing but full of hope and compassion. Trust that in the next days ahead, you will have the opportunity to bask in love and light in your journey. Continue to carry on with your path where you can only focus on the love and light that is within you. Rejoice for in the releasing, you become free to soar as it is intended.

Amanda Cooper

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