Angel Message Of The Day : Harmony & Balance

Archangel Haniel


Light a silver candle and meditate upon the flame, centering mind, body, and spirit. Feel a sense of calm wash over you, within you, and around you. When you feel that all is in harmony, you will feel that all is going well. Let the calm embody your mind and soul so that you will no longer feel the worry that has been eating you away. Remember that you should no longer let these worries get to you, as they will only cripple your journey. Instead, keep your heart and soul strong, and focus on strengthening your courage.


Feel all troubles and worries fall away from you. Peace and serenity fill your entire body, mind, and soul. When you release all that worries you, there is a certain peace that you will feel. Breathe in the goodness, and breathe out the troubles and worries you should no longer mind. You have to let go of all of the troubles that should not have a space in your heart and soul. Let it be washed away, and replace it with courage and understanding.

Breathe in light, exhale shadow and darkness, and breathe in the light of the Divine Source. When you breathe in the positivity, there should be hope that you will be feeling. Let that engulf you so that you will no longer have to bask in worries and fears you should no longer be thinking about. Breathe in the light and let that radiate within you. Spread light and love wherever you go. On the other hand, exhale the shadow and darkness so that they will no longer harbor in your heart and soul. 


See the beauty in all there is. See the beauty within. You have to keep your focus on the side where there is beauty and harmony. You do not have to dwell on the things that will not add to nourishing your body and soul. All of your worries and troubles should no longer have a space in your heart and mind. Focus on beauty, and prioritize seeking harmony.


In all you do, there is harmony and balance. In the silence, know that all is in Divine Order. In silence, know that all is perfectly ordered. You have to let things unravel in the order that it is meant to be. In the silence, you will find that there is balance and calmness. Let it prosper and manifest into what you truly desire. When there is harmony, all may feel like coming together. When there is balance, everything may feel as if it is arranged, all in perfect order.


Harmony and balance are yours for the accepting. Receive the gift that is already yours. Grace, beauty, inner wisdom, and strength are already a part of your inner being. Carry on with your journey while thinking of the gifts that have been given to you. Nourish these gifts that have been given, and let them radiate within you. Show grace with how you handle yourself and others. Look at the beauty of the world around you. This includes each and everyone, and this includes yourself too. You can let the inner wisdom help you prosper and thrive. Meanwhile, your strength and courage have always been there for you. Choose to be courageous even if worry may seem to cloud your mind.


Find what you seek first within; that which you desire shall be made manifest in the outer, physical realm. You have to really look within yourself to know what it is that you truly desire in this world. Once you have truly realized your true potential and what you seek, this is the time that you shall manifest what you desire the most. Speak what you truly want into the universe, and you shall receive it or something better.


See you as a whole, complete and perfect. You have always been blessed with the gifts that were given to you. Know that you have always been whole, complete, and perfect. At the same time, you have to remember that you should appreciate all that has been given and all that you currently have right now. Remember to focus on achieving calmness and harmony so that you will truly understand and realize your desires and aspirations. See through the eyes of the Divine Source and that of Angels.

Amanda Cooper

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