Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Source Energy

Guardian Angel of Power 


Divine Love enfolds you this moment. Divine Love enfolds you all your days. Divine Source Energy is within you, enfolding you, moving through you, radiating outward from your essence. Divine Love is present in every moment, for Divine Love is the only reality. The Divine Love of the Universe is a source of tremendous power, a source of all that is good. It is the Divine Light, which enfolds you this moment. It is in the very nature of Divine Love to inspire. It is to empower, to make manifest and real in our lives what we desire. We have no choice but to accept this as a part of our lives. It’s an aspect of life that’s always there – it’s part of the fabric of existence. It is not something that can be controlled or manipulated by us. We can only accept it for what it is – part of our experience on this planet.


Close your eyes, breathe deeply inhaling light and love into your entire being. Exhale all perceived shadow and darkness for there is only light, there is only love. Divine Love is the only true reality, for it does not change. Let light shine out of the darkness. You must focus on the light so that more and more light will pour out into our world. Let go of any worries, fears, or concerns that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. With the power of your mind, imagine that you are a part of the whole. You are the light, you are the energy, you are connected to everything. So let go of all that darkness, let go of all that shadow, let go of everything that seems negative or destructive in your life. The more you realize how beautiful and amazing you truly are, the stronger your connection to the Divine Source becomes and the more you can overcome your perceived shadows and darkness with your love of Source. Have you ever noticed that the world is full of light and love?

Release all that no longer serves your good. Release fear for it cannot sustain you. Feel your heart beating as if it were a drumbeat that is welcoming on a new day. The drumbeat will grow louder, stronger, and more powerful as you continue this exercise. As you breathe in even deeper, imagine that all of the negative energy has been absorbed into the core of your being, where it can be transformed into something positive and constructive. As long as we are connected to our source of life energy we always have access to this source which comes from within our hearts. You have to know how to see beyond what is visible and touch upon the invisible. You must become one with your soul, which means you have to let go of all the things that are not you.


Release shadow for there is no light in the darkness of fear, there is only lack. Open your heart, open your mind, open your Spirit to all which awaits you. Release the past and allow it to go on its way to where it needs to be. Release your attachments to things that no longer serve you. Release the pain of past hurts and move forward into the future with nothing holding you back. Release the guilt and shame of things you’ve done or failed to do, because it doesn’t serve you anymore. Release all that no longer serves your good and let it go so that you can be free to move forward with who you are supposed to be. It also shows you how to find the light within yourself and so many other things. This is about the journey toward the light and how to get there, but it’s also about learning how to love yourself when you’re in a situation where it’s difficult or impossible to love yourself. Allow yourself to be unstuck and unbound by past experiences and beliefs that no longer serve you now. Let go of what you don’t need anymore because it can only hinder your growth.

All your desires, all your dreams await you in physical form for all is made manifest in the moment of the asking in the Realm of Spirit. You have been given a body and mind just as you asked for, to fulfill all your dreams. Your greatest desires have come to you in physical form so that you may fulfill them. Your greatest desire is to live in peace with yourself and with others. This is what has brought you here now, to this place of peace and fulfillment. You now know that there is nothing more than this world can give you; it is enough. Have you ever noticed how things are always beautiful even in their ugliness? Even in the ugliest circumstances, there is light, there is love. The darkness does not have to be feared because it is just a shadow, it’s an illusion, and if we can recognize it for what it is then we can release it from our lives. The light is in you and it needs to be awakened. 


How shall you choose to honor your power? How shall you choose to align yourself and your dreams with Divine Source? As we are learning more and more about the power of intention, it is becoming more and more evident that our thoughts create our reality. To change our reality, we must first become aware of how we create it. The answer lies within you. You have the power to change anything about your life if you choose to use it. To reach our goals and live our dreams, we need to align ourselves with Divine Source by choosing while awake what type of power we want in our lives. In other words, we need to choose what type of power will be best for us at this time in our lives.

Amanda Cooper

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