Angel Message Of The Day :Transition, Expansion, Awareness

Archangel Sariel

In all things, in all people, in all places, know you, and all shall flow peacefully, harmoniously into place within and around you. The past is behind you; you cannot change it. Yet you can learn from your mistakes. You can grow from our experiences. You can use what you have learned to create new possibilities for yourself in this new cycle of life. If you choose to look back, it is only to see where you have been so that you may learn from that experience and move forward into greater possibilities for yourself in the present moment.

Look to me and my brethren for protection, guidance, healing, harmony, and knowledge. Believe in the angels and put all your investment from your heart towards them as they are your guides in this new world. They are here to help you through the transition of your planet. You do not need to be afraid any longer. It is time to rejoice in knowing that all is well with the universe and that you have come into this world with a purpose. You have come here to experience the physical reality of Earth and its many challenges so that you may learn new things about yourselves and others. You have come here to expand your consciousness and become more aware of who you truly are as a spiritual being having a physical experience on Earth. You have come here so that you may express yourselves fully through your creativity and individuality within the confines of this beautiful planet called Earth.

In the seeking, you will find. Transition is a change in form, location, or state. This is not a permanent change but rather a process that occurs in time just like an investment in life. You can make the most of this opportunity to clear out old patterns that no longer serve you so that new ones can come in. This process can be painful because it requires letting go of an identity that has defined you for so long.

In the asking, you will receive. When you ask for something, it is like an Asset that will be returned to you. If you are looking for a new job and someone offers you a job or if someone gives you money – these are both forms of asking. There are many things in life where asking has been proven to work such as prayer, meditation and even manifesting things through the law of attraction. You may have asked for something many times before and not received it, but just because that happened doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. Keep asking and eventually, you will receive what you desire. The key is being in alignment with what you want so that when it does show up in your life, it stays there

Upon knocking upon the door, all shall be opened to you. The knocking upon the door is calling you to come out of your home, out of your life, and into a new way of being. It is time for you to leave behind all that you have known, all that has been familiar for so long. Whatever the reason, it is time for you to open up and listen carefully once again. The knocking upon the door is louder now than ever before, and cannot be ignored or dismissed by any means possible. You must open up and listen carefully if you are ever going to understand what it is saying and why it has come at this particular moment in time.

Each moment, each breath, each step forward along the path before you is an opportunity to go beyond what is known. The path of transition is about transformation and change. It is about moving from one state of consciousness to another. It is not just about moving from one place to another, such as from home to work or from work to home; it is about how you are in each moment of your life. The more you can be present in each moment, the more you can experience life in its fullness.

Be not afraid of the beloved one for you are loved, and you are guided beyond measure. You are an expression of this love in form, so open yourself to receive all that it has to offer you. See yourself as you would like to be and allow your inner spirit to guide your outer actions and words. Do not fear what others think or say about you; do not fear their judgments or opinions on who you should be or how you should behave.

Seek answers first within. When you look at life through your own eyes, you see things that others may not be aware of. You have an opportunity to make a difference in your own life by making changes that will benefit everyone involved. Once you realize that you have an interest in changing everything around you, it’s time to start making changes that will benefit everyone around you.

Each breath gives you another. Breathing is a living miracle. Each breath gives you another opportunity to awaken to the present moment. Each moment is a manifestation of the universe, and each breath moves you closer to the truth of who you are: a divine being of light. Breathing is something that we do without thinking about it. It’s something that we take for granted so much that when we feel out of breath and we’re struggling to breathe, then we realize how important this thing is.

Each moment of peacefulness gifts you with another. As you continue breathing in and out, notice how this simple exercise can help you feel more relaxed, focused, and peaceful in your body and mind. Peaceful people have invested in how to control their thoughts and emotions so that they don’t react negatively when faced with challenges or disappointments in life; instead, they choose to respond with love and compassion, even if their initial reaction might be anger or frustration.

Each moment of joy gifts you with another. And if you learn and invest in how to accept these gifts, these will lead you to even more joys in your life. You want to be happy; however, you don’t always know how to do it or what exactly makes you happy. It’s not always having more money or possessions but rather having an attitude of gratitude for what you already have in your life. Awareness is a key factor here. Awareness about yourself and your surroundings gives you the ability to recognize these moments of joy and embrace them with gratitude.

Each moment of gratitude and appreciation gifts you with more to be thankful for, appreciating many blessings. When you invest to be grateful, you may also find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all that needs doing, but do not let this stop you from taking action on what is most important at any given time. Take care of things one step at a time and allow yourself plenty of time for relaxation so that you can recuperate from the stress of making big changes in your life.

What do you seek? What do you need to invest in for self-love? This is an important question. You need to ask yourself why you’re seeking love and fortune from others when there is no one else who can give it to you. The only person who can give you that love is yourself. Instead of looking for someone else to fill the void, start by filling that void within yourself with self-love, acceptance, and appreciation.

For what do you yearn? The yearning for change, expansion, and awareness is a natural tendency of the human spirit. If you’re constantly thinking about what you don’t have in life, you’ll never attract what you desire into your life because you’re already focusing on lack. On the other hand, if you can shift your thoughts to focus on what’s working in your life and what brings joy to your heart every day, then you’ll be creating positive energy that will attract more of those things into your life.

In all things, in all people, in all places seek peace; harmony shall accompany you all your days and nights. Your journey is your own and not that of anyone else’s; do not let anyone deter you from your path or take away from your journey by judging it too harshly. If you want to succeed, look for a chance to help others who are worthy of your help. Helping others is the only way that you can succeed in life.

Amanda Cooper

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