Angel Message Of The Day : Being Of Service

Guardian Angel of Service 


Being of service; in what way or ways are you of service to yourself and others? You have to take care of yourself, first and foremost. You have to give yourself the utmost importance. Remember to do things that will benefit you, and be of service to yourself so that you will be healthy in body and spirit. Try to speak and think more with love towards yourself. At the same time, you should be of service to others, too. Spread love and light whenever you can, as everyone else deserves. Treat everyone kindly, and show them the goodness of your heart. Be of service to others with kindness so that others will treat you just the same.


Being of service is speaking and acting with compassion. You have to remember that everyone else deserves goodness. They deserve to be spoken of with kindness and compassion. At the same time, you deserve this, too. Try to be of service to yourself and to others, be the light to others and to yourself. Radiate goodness as much as possible so that others will feel the light you give to everyone else. Try to show compassion to everyone around you. You have to remember that goodness should be shown to everyone else, too. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and light, including you and those who surround you.


Being of service is offering acceptance for where you are in this moment and the next and the next. You have to open up your heart to everyone and offer acceptance to everyone who will come to you. Remember to not focus on judgment towards others. Being of service is acknowledging that which is before you, choosing to see beyond appearances. There is more than what you are seeing at this moment, so you have to not judge anyone at first glance. Try to lend them an ear, or try to know the people surrounding you and give them a chance.


Being of service is forgiving all who cause thee harm, for in forgiving others, you clear the path before you. You have to let go of your previous grievances so that you can let go of the past. Forgive others so that you will no longer harbor bad thoughts toward other people. You will free yourself and give yourself the clarity that you are seeking. At the same time, you will no longer be bound by your past. You will be ready to take on your next journey and start on what is next for you. There are many things that you are meant to do. Focus on that and accept them with open arms.


Being of service is forgiving you for thoughts of doubt, lack, and fear in any of its many forms. Being of service is offering a kind word, a smile, accepting assistance, offering non-judgment, and offering light where there is none. You have to offer the best of thoughts to everyone else since they deserve it. Let yourself be others’ light, and you will truly be blessed. Radiate love and light wherever you go. There is so much that you can give to the world


Being of service is allowing the closed door to remain closed with heartfelt gratitude. Being of service is giving of yourself, tending your inner garden of light. You have to take care of yourself the most during this process. Remember that whenever an opportunity closes, that means there are better chances that will come your way. Do not seek it any longer. It is already done and finished. You have to let it go and focus on what comes next for you. You are more than ready to take on the world’s challenges, and you are more than blessed to have these opportunities ahead of you.


You are whole, complete, and perfect. Remember that you are already whole as you are. You are already enough on your own. You have a light within you. Continue to spread the light and love wherever you go, and the greatness of life shall follow you wherever you are. Do not let anything dim your light. Continue on with your journey toward greatness and love. You are loved beyond measure.

Amanda Cooper

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