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Be strong for there are many who would seek your destruction. Be wise, invest in learning from the past, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Nothing great indeed comes easy but it’s always worth it when you go through hard times because you will learn a lot in life and grow as a person when you face obstacles or challenges in life. If you become successful and fulfilled at the same time, it means that you’re one of those people who kept their heads up no matter how bad things got.


Be strong for there are many who seek to extinguish the flame within you. Strength is a virtue of character and strength of mind. It is not something that you can simply work on, but it is something that you must invest in and learn from experience and from those who have walked before you. The true test of strength comes when you are tested by difficulties in life and must find a way to overcome them. It is through these tests that you learn what kind of people you are: Are you tough enough? Can you overcome obstacles? Will you give up? Will you let our dreams die?


Be strong for there are many who seek a better way. It is easy to be strong when you have nothing to do, when you are loved and praised by all, when you have no problems, no difficulties, and no worries. The real test of strength is to be strong when you have everything against you and when you have every reason to give up. The world is full of problems and challenges. So many people are looking for answers. They want to know how they can be happy, how they can be successful, and how they can feel fulfilled and at peace. Strength doesn’t mean falling; it means getting back up every time you do fall and making sure that each time you get back up, you come back stronger and more determined than ever before.

Be strong for yourself, for there are distractions and challenges before you. You must stay focused on your goals and dreams even when you feel like giving up. Strength is knowing when to walk away from a situation that isn’t working out and moving on to something better. You must able to accept criticism from others but not allow it to affect your self-esteem or self-worth as a person or as an individual who has worth in society as well as in their own eyes first and foremost before anyone else can see it or acknowledge it or appreciate it themselves regarding themselves alone with no help from anyone else.


Strength is knowing when to speak and when to stay quiet. This is the ability to fight against your nature. It’s being able to resist temptation, overcome fear and stop yourself from doing what you’d rather do. It’s how you make your choices every day which is about making sacrifices for others. It’s about being patient and kind when you want to scream or throw things. It is also recognizing that everyone has their battles to fight, so keep yours private unless you’re asked for help or advice by someone who needs it. Strength isn’t about always having an answer for everything; sometimes silence does mean respect.


Strength is knowing the light, the Spark of Divinity within shall always light the way. You are not alone, and others are on this journey with you, who will walk with you and help you every step of the way just like how you manage yourself to get through with your bachelor’s degree. It is also about investing your faith that everything happens for a reason because no matter how hard things seem now, there would be something good waiting on the other side of it all. There is always hope and happiness in every situation so don’t give up on yourself because your strength lies within yourself


Strength is knowing, trusting, and having faith all is in Divine Order, and all is falling into place easily without effort. It is about being able to let go of things that no longer serve us to make room for new opportunities that will bring us more joy, love, and happiness than we ever thought possible before. As you will be able to walk away from an unhealthy situation or relationship with your head held high and be able to trust that everything happens for a reason. Strength comes from within and builds confidence each time you choose it over fear or weakness.


Strength is knowing when to stand thy ground and when to step aside.  It is having the courage to go against the crowd even when no one else has your back. The only way to know for sure if you can do something is to try it. And the only way to know if you can’t do something is to try it. It is knowing when to stand thy ground and when to step aside. Strength isn’t about being stubborn, it’s about being strong enough not to let anything stop you from getting where you want to go.

Strength is knowing all is made manifest before you without condition, without limitation. It is knowing you are enough, and that you don’t need anything or anyone else for your happiness. you are the creator of your reality, and that no one can take away from you that which is yours by divine right.


Strength is knowing you are whole, complete, and perfect now at this moment. You must be comfortable with yourself, be authentic, and not need to prove anything to anyone. You must understand that all of your thoughts about yourself are just thoughts and none of them are true. No one can tell you who you are except you. Always be kind to yourself when you make mistakes instead of beating yourself up over them. Know to yourself that you are whole, complete, and perfect now at this moment. When you realize that you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, the world becomes your oyster.


Strength is knowing when to reach out to another. It is not just a physical capacity, but also a state of mind. It takes strength to be able to admit when you are wrong and apologize. It takes strength to put aside your ego and let someone else take the lead in a situation that they are more qualified for than you are. Strength is knowing when it’s time to ask for help, and then actually asking for it. You must be able to invest in yourself and be able to recognize your weaknesses and seek ways to improve upon them so that you can become better people both as individuals and as a society.


Strength is knowing when to seek thy counsel. This lies in being honest with yourself as well as others, and in speaking out against injustice wherever it may be found, regardless of personal cost or consequence; strength is about making a difference for good rather than seeking only personal gain or comfort


Strength is… having courage enough to change things that need changing instead of accepting them as they are without question or doubt in your mind about their correctness or acceptability in any way whatsoever regardless of how long it takes because as long as there’s life there’s hope and no matter how long it takes eventually we will reach our goal which at this point may seem impossible but with enough determination and perseverance anything can be achieved with patience.

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