Angel Message Of The Day : Gift Of Sight

Paschar Angel of Vision 


There is much to see. Every day we are surrounded by different people and different auras; we are never alone in the world. With this being said, we have to remember to surround ourselves with light and love. With all the things we should see, remember to focus on what brings positivity to you. Do not be distracted by the world that never stops; put your sole focus on the things that should matter.


There is much to hear. Every day we deal with so much noise in our life, may it be music, the chattering of people in the corner and your colleagues, or perhaps a voice of a loved one. How do we differentiate each of the voices we hear? Learn to listen to the sounds of what matters in your life so that you will fill yourself with music that gives calmness and relaxation. Fill yourself with meaningful conversations so that you will gain wisdom from each word uttered. Fill yourself with encouraging words and affirmation so that you will gain strength from your day-to-day struggles.


There is much to feel, to sense. When navigating the world, know that you are not alone. You will be learning from each journey you will experience in life. We are meant to navigate life by exploring our senses. However, the best way to navigate life is by feeling everything else that surrounds us. Through this, we will learn which people, things, or aspirations we should keep in the world. At the same branch, we also learn which ones should not matter. 


Do you see only that which is visible in physical form? Know that there is more than meets the eye, and the visible forms you can see are only shallow. There is more to everyone and everything we are surrounded by. The question is, “Are you willing to see past surface appearances?” This means you are willing to dive deeper into the abyss of knowing more. 


Seeing past surface appearances is willing to see the Spark of Divinity within all creatures, great and small. You have to remember that there is a light in each and every one of us. With this being said, dive deeper and know more about each and every one.


Seeing the Divine within all living things does not suggest you open yourself to that which is not of love and light. Once again, it is a choice to surround yourself with the bearers of light in your life. Focus on what brings and aims to bring good things in your life so that you will thrive, as well. We ask you to open your eyes, seeing that which is of love and light, reaching beyond that which appears to be shadow or darkness. 


In reaching past the veil, you acknowledge the Divinity within. Be aware of all that is before you. When you are aware, you acknowledge that there is more than meets the eye with yourself and with everyone surrounding you. This way, you will truly understand yourself, and it will give you clarity of the world you are in. 


Be willing to see, to hear, to sense, to feel differently. You have to embrace and accept how things are with open arms. Look past all the shallow surfaces, and delve into knowing more. You have been given the gift of sight, and it is nothing but the most beneficial in giving you a clear vision of yourself and all that is surrounding you.


Gift yourself with seeing this day. See the colors of the rainbow in all you do. You have always spread love and compassion everywhere you go, and that’s what matters. Be the good in the world while you build yourself and learn more about you and others. Speak with loving kindness on this day. Learn to speak with only the best words to others, and most especially to yourself. Spread the positivity and light in you, and bring it everywhere with you. This way, you will not only nourish your spirit, but spread this to others too. Everyday we are given the chance to be the better person in this world, and you will learn and grow more this way. Be the light you are seeking for.

Amanda Cooper

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