Angel Message Of The Day : Unconditional Love



Begin again, dream larger, dream clearer. Breathe deeply beloved one for all things begin again with clarity, patience, healing, harmony, joy, and peace.  You have been through so much and you deserve to be happy now more than ever before. Let go of all the hurt, anger & resentment in your heart dear one; it doesn’t serve any purpose other than holding you back from living your life to your fullest potential & enjoying all that life has to offer you at every moment.


A slight breeze brushes your skin, gently clearing away all pain and sorrow. A warm ray of sunlight warms your heart and makes you smile. You glance up at the sky, where the sun is rising like a beacon in the distance. At this moment, you are whole again. Your heart is full of joy and gratitude for the life you have been given. 


There is only unconditional love, there is only eternal light. Love is the absence of fear, it is not an emotion, it is a state of being. You can love someone even if they don’t love you back or even if they do something that hurts you or others. It’s about having compassion for them no matter what happens in their lives or how they treat you. You are love and this love can manifest itself in every moment of your life. The result is that you become more aware of how you feel about yourself and others, which then allows you to make conscious choices about how you want to respond instead of falling back into old patterns or habits that keep things stuck in place.

Promises of man to man, in the moment of the making, are real, unconditional.  It is unconditional and beyond all breaking because it is part of the very nature of creation. When you meet another human being for the first time, you look into each other’s eyes and see your brother or sister. The meeting takes place on this level of reality where there are no strangers but only brothers and sisters united by blood ties reaching back into infinity.


Keep the faith strong. Keep your heart open. Allow the storm to rage, purging all inside you.  It may be hard to keep faith strong when you feel like the world is falling apart around you and it can be out of your hands. It’s hard to keep your heart open when you feel like all the wrong people are getting all the things they want while you get nothing but disappointment after disappointment. It’s hard to allow the storm to rage, purging all inside us, when all you want is for it to stop so that you can breathe again. However, this storm will pass, and there will be something new on the other side: new opportunities, new relationships, and new possibilities that were never there before.


Allow Divine Light, the light of Angelic Choirs to illuminate your entire being. Allow yourself to feel these feelings within your heart now as they flow through every fiber of your being with joyous abandonment, filling every nook and cranny with warmth and happiness beyond measure. Let your heart open. Allow the love of the Divine one to shine through you and bless others by helping them with their needs. Love is the essence of life; it is what makes you truly human. It is also the greatest force in the world.

Shadow has no place to hide. All shall be revealed in the light. The shadow is the part of self that we have been hiding from others. It is the part of self we are ashamed of, or do not want to show others. The shadow can be a child who was hurt and does not want to be hurt again. It can be an adult who was hurt as a child and does not want to be hurt again. When you shine your light on your shadow, all shall be revealed in the light. All that is hidden shall be revealed, and all that is hidden will be seen for what it truly is.


All shall be released in the light. All shall be given to you in the light. All that is yours is here now, and all that is here now is yours. The power of love is the greatest power there is, and it shall touch every heart and change every life. It is the power that heals, mends, and transforms all darkness into light. It is the power that guides you into your perfection. It is your true nature being revealed at this moment as we speak.


All is given to you unconditionally; ask for it is given in the moment of the asking. There are no limitations to this love. The only limitation is your perception of it. If you perceive yourself as unworthy, then you cannot receive the love that is offered to you. Yet if you open your heart, and allow yourself to feel unconditional love for yourself and others, then all things are possible. It simply means that when difficulties arise, you will have the strength to deal with them because you know that they cannot destroy your inner peace or happiness.


The question remains, are you open to receiving all you ask at the moment of the asking?  The limitation is a state of mind. The limitation is of your making.  Are you willing to release all limitations and allow yourself to receive all? Are you willing to be open to receiving what you are asking for? Is it that simple? Yes, it is that simple. When you recognize that you have no limits, then you can begin to live from that place of total freedom. Once you do realize this, you can then let go of all your limiting beliefs about yourself and others for them to flow freely through your life without hindrance from negative thoughts or emotions that may come up along the way.


The limitation is allowing the perception of loss, fear, and lack to block the light and love of the Divine Source.  When you can accept yourself as a divine being and let go of your judgments about who you think you should be, it allows you to embrace your true nature as a loving being. This frees you from the need for approval and acceptance from others because you know that no one can do this job except yourself. When you can let go of your fear and judgment around your perceived flaws and imperfections, you open up a space within yourself where love can flow freely without obstruction. Your hearts become more open, allowing more light into your being so you can truly experience joy in this earthly realm once again.

Unconditional love cannot be contained for it is eternal, always shining before you. When you open yourself up to unconditional love, you will find that you have everything you need within you. You will become more compassionate towards others, more understanding of their situations, and more forgiving of their mistakes and shortcomings. You will no longer feel alone or abandoned, but instead feel loved and supported by everyone around you. 


illuminating the path before you. Beloved one, open the gates within you now at this moment.  The world has changed, beloved. It is time to change with it. You have come to know yourself as love, as light, as joy and peace, for these are the qualities of your soul and are reflected in your life. You must remember why you came here at this time. You are here to experience unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. These are qualities that have been missing in your life for many years now, but they will help you on this journey to your life.


Fear not, for you shall step upon stones of gold or be taught to fly. You are here to experience all of the beauty this world has to offer, but also all of its darkness. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they are what shape you into the amazing people that you are meant to become. You are here on this earth to learn and grow. To experience joy, pain, and every emotion in between.

Amanda Cooper

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