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Each step along the path before you is filled with many choices, distractions, light, and love. There is no right or wrong path when it comes to living your life, there are only paths that will bring you closer to who you are in this Earthly realm. The path is not easy to follow; it requires commitment, determination, and courage. It may not always be As you step into your next chapter in life remember to look around at the signs that are along the way and listen for your heart’s voice within. There is a path before you that leads to the light. Each step along the path before you is filled with many choices, distractions, light, and love.


Each step along the path before you bring the gift of choice.   You are here in this earthly realm at this time because you have chosen to learn about yourself. You have come to know yourself as the writer of your life and your world. As you make choices based on your higher selves, your consciousness expands and you become more aware of the world around you. Each step along the path before you brings the gift of choice; choose wisely because both good and bad choices have consequences that can either help or hinder your progress down your chosen path.


The gift in choosing is before you this present momentStep into the Light. You can always choose what you do next. You are free to choose, but you must choose. There is no choice about that. Choosing is a natural process within your body and mind. It occurs in every moment. You are choosing this very moment when you read these words, even if they are not your first choice at the moment. You may not know what you’re looking for, but when you find it, you’ll know that it was meant for you. No matter what has happened in your past or what challenges await in your future, if you choose happiness now, then happiness will be with you always.

Perhaps there is something or someone before you at this moment.  The light is always there for you to step into. The only way to truly know yourself is to stand in your truth and look at yourself without flinching or hiding behind any illusions. The past and future are only illusions of time, colorless and without sound. They exist in the present just as much as anything else does. If you can accept this fact, then you will realize that you are part of a larger whole that is beyond your perspective. The choice is yours. You can choose to step into your light, or not. The choice is yours. 


Perhaps that which has come before this moment tempts you to pull you from where you are, from where you want to be, back to where you have already been. To take a step into the light is to take a step toward the unknown. It is to move forward from what has been and into what will be. You may feel drawn to look back at all that has transpired in your life and wonder how it could have been different if only one thing had been different. To step into the light means you must leave something behind from the past. It requires letting go to forgive something familiar and being comfortable embracing something new. 


Breathe deeply, exhale all doubt.  Take a moment to feel the light around you. Feel it moving through your body, filling you with warmth and strength. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and take several deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. All that you have done has been forgiven by the Divine One, you are free from all sin and guilt. Trust your inner light and know that you are supported at every step of the way. The Divine One has a plan for you and it will unfold in its own perfect time. You can’t control what happens to you but you can trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.  


Breathe deeply; exhale all shadows of what once was. Breathe in deeply, and feel it touch every cell in your body. Allow yourself to be filled with love and joy as you move forward on your journey. Let go of any burdens that were keeping you from moving forward with your life. Let go of limitations and embrace limitless possibilities. Be at peace with yourself, and all that you are not. Wash away the old, and welcome in the new. You are guided well by the light as you relax your heart and mind.


Breathe deeply inhaling light and love. Exhale all that has come before.  Within you is a spark of light, a seed of love, and it is yours to nurture and grow. The more you nurture it, the stronger it will become, illuminating your way through life’s journey. You are here. You are here now.

Breathe deeply, feel your entire being release all that is not of light, release all that is not of love.  Breathe in deep clean air, feel your heart open, and feel a loving presence enter your being. It is love that heals, it is love that soothes the soul and it is love that helps us to rise above our fears and doubts. Feel the energy around you and notice if there are any disturbances or disruptions in the energy field. If you sense a disturbance or disruption in your heart, take a few moments to breathe deeply and allow it to go.


Open your heart, mind, your Soul to all that awaits you in the light. It’s time for you to step into the light and claim your power. As you have the control to create whatever you want in your life.

Step into the light, and release yourself from all that has come before this moment. Don’t let your mind be disturbed by things of the past or future when you are present in the now. Feel the air leave your body and notice how it feels to be breathing freely again. You have grown. You are changing daily. You are becoming more than you ever thought possible.

Step into the light beloved child. You have come to a clearing where there is a great light shining down on you, like the sun at midday. It’s all so bright that your eyes water with pain and your headaches. The light is always with you if you just allow it to be.

Amanda Cooper

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