The Planets – Sun, Ruler of Self

There are ten planets studied in astrology. The number ten is arrived by adding the moon and the sun. The earth is not counted, because our perspective is from the earth. Each planet influences both the sun sign and the house in which it resides in the astrological chart.

Each planet represents the influence that it holds over the sun sign and the house in which it rules. Saturn, for example, represents the limitations of man. Jupiter represents leadership and prosperity. The other planets have their own representations and influences.

Planetary movements and alignments are also very important in astrology. Various planetary alignments and movements can indicate extreme influences over all aspects of our lives. When Mars is in retrograde, conflicts will be more dominant in our lives.


The Sun, ruler of self

As the Sun advances light, so it delivers life. This Planet (otherwise called light and a star) addresses oneself, one’s character and personality, the soul, and what it is that makes the individual remarkable. It is our character and our face to the world. The Sun also addresses imaginative capacity and the person’s force to address the difficulties of ordinary day-to-day existence. 


One’s common dad, spouse, and other male impacts are managed by the Sun, as are kids. The Sun’s energy is a strong one, and afterward comes authority, the capacity to lead, and a person’s quintessence, their center being. Through the desire of this Planet, we figure out how to show ourselves on the Planet. 


The Sun is great, and with regards to its magnificent air, it rules eminence and higher office. This sphere likewise reigns over our wellbeing and prosperity. The Sun’s brilliant sparkle is a real-life power that saturates us with strength, energy, and a will to succeed. The Sun invigorates different planets, which is the reason this Planet possesses a critical job in soothsaying. 


The Sun goes through about a month visiting each sign and requires a year to travel through the 12 indications of the zodiac. It is masculine energy and rules Leo and the fifth house.


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