Angel Message Of The Day : Star Light



Allow the light within to shine brightly as a star among the night skies. You are meant for greater things. You have always been. The light in your soul should be nurtured. Let it shine brightly. Remember that you can grow to be a better version of yourself, and every day is a gift where you are given a chance to be just that. You always have the opportunity to shine brighter and be the light everyone would want you to be. Choose what sparks the light within you. Choose the things that make you grow. You are the brightest star in the sky, and certainly, you spread this light and love wherever you go.


Do not allow the ways of others to dim the light within you. Do not focus on the negativity that may surround you from time to time. It may happen that some people may cause your light to dim. Remember that you should not focus on this any longer. They are not worth your time. You must focus on the good things and not dwell on whatever does not help you grow. That means leaving out things that should be left out already. They are the ones that are no longer serving you. They do not matter any longer. Know that anyone and anything that makes your light dim does not deserve time in your life. That means surrounding yourself with the best people instead, only the ones that would uplift you in the best way possible.


In the face of adversity, close your eyes but for a moment, breathe in white light exhaling shadow and darkness. When you are faced with the worst-case scenario, remember that there is more to the situation. You have to keep your chin up and not dwell on the negativity. You have to remember that you have to let go of this darkness that may loom every now and then. It is not worth your time. The darkness will only box you in disappointment and negativity that will not do you any good. This is why it is important that you know how to let go of things. This way, you can truly choose to leave what needs to be left out.


Breathe in the light of the Divine Source, filling you with a sense of ease, a sense of peace, a sense of serenity. When you choose to surround yourself with the light, you will feel the clarity that you have been seeking all along your journey. You will be able to feel that you are the best version of yourself. When that happens, you feel at ease knowing that things will be alright soon enough. Carry on with the journey. You are doing the best that you can day to day. Choose a life where you only have to relax with contentment because you have the trust you have given to the Divine Source.


The night skies radiate peace and contentment. The early dawn brings yet another beginning. When you are at peace with yourself, you are able to unlock your full potential. You will be able to focus on what really matters. You will get to realize how strong you have been and how strong you are at this moment. You tackle each issue with light and love in your heart. That is why you have been blessed and so much more. 


Be at peace, shining brightly on this day. Always choose your peace more than anything else. When you are at peace, your heart and soul will be at ease, knowing that all will be well in time. The trust that you have in the guiding light has been one of the greatest things you can do to help yourself. Remember that you have so much potential that you are yet to tap into. Continue to let yourself grow. Continue to reflect on what matters to you so that you will be able to fully unleash the light in your heart and soul. Remember that the most important part of this all is when you get to be who you are. You are a light that shines brightly like no other. Spread love and light wherever you go.

Amanda Cooper

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