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The Moon

the moon

Finances – Be Honest

The world of business and career pushes you to get rich as quickly as possible. It is a very cutthroat affair indeed! Every now and then there is this temptation, this urge to bend the rules a bit. Yes, you may want to cheat, to cut corners, or do something immoral or illegal to get extra bucks. But are you ready for the terrible consequences if you ever get caught? Stop right now! You are not a thief doing work under the light of the Moon. Even in this imperfect world, it still pays to be honest. The unfair ways may bring you more money, but the bad karma you draw will eventually bring ruin to you. Can you also endure being tormented by your own conscience? The tried and tested methods may be slow, but they will pay off in the end. The wealth gained through an honest day’s work lasts longer and is never a burden to the one who gained it.

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