Finances – Being Productive to the Point of Silly DP

The Fool

the fool

Finances – Being Productive to the Point of Silly

No logical explanation for it. You have no reason for why you are like that right now. There is just this sudden urge to do many things at once, to try all new ways of doing business that can reap big rewards. Likely you will be working and studying like there is no tomorrow. Those who see you will think you are running like a headless chicken at first. That is until they are surprised by the gains you make from the flurry of wild activity you engage in. Such is the fool who jumps into things head-on and just does as they please to get what they desire. No need for reason or explanations, there is only full unbridled energy. That unbridled energy is what fuels you to go on with enthusiasm in your job and business. You are no longer paralyzed by overanalyzing; all you need is to put your strength to productive use and strive for the wealth and future you want.     

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