Finances – Beyond Materialism DP

The Hermit

the hermit

Finances – Beyond Materialism

Your finances have been more than stable lately. Cash is flowing like tap water, and your job or business is going very well indeed. You also have more than enough to get your basic needs. You are probably tempted now to spend more for yourself, to buy more material possessions and trinkets on a whim. But then that is a trap! Be like the Hermit who seeks simplicity in the middle of solitude. Avoid seeking material things that may cost you more money than needed. They may look cool if you just bought them ,but imagine the burdens they will impose on you later on as the owner! Better to use your cash for other worthwhile causes, and to give them generously to help others. That is the higher purpose of wealth after all: to give away your excess for the benefit of many.

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