Finances – Butterfly Effect DP

The Wheel Of Fortune

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Finances – Butterfly Effect

It takes only the flapping of a butterfly’s wings to start a big storm somewhere. In the same way, it only takes something small to make or break your luck. The Wheel of Fortune works in strange ways, and often sends good things your way in unlikely packages. That casual conversation you had with a long-lost friend or random act of kindness to a stranger? It can be an opportunity for a new job or a new business!  That side trip to the second-hand store where you buy that cheap-looking item? It may turn out to be a valuable antique worth millions! Or it may simply be a distraction along the way that sends cash into your pocket, say buying a lottery ticket for fun. Whatever it could be, never underestimate small stuff like those. They may just lead you to a jackpot you can barely imagine!

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