Finances – Prepare for Abundance DP

The Empress


Finances – Prepare for Abundance

A bountiful harvest came to you after years of tilling! Investments you thought would never prosper suddenly produce cash! Your business or job that you once considered as stagnant surprisingly goes full throttle and pays you back! Or, if you are a simple person, you check out the contents of your coin bank and realize that you have saved a larger sum of loose change than you expected. That is the Empress at work, blessing you with extreme abundance you could not possibly imagine. The Universe hates a vacuum, and it does not like it when seekers of prosperity go empty-handed. So if you have been working, toiling, and saving up but nothing seems to be happening, do not despair! The emptiness of your treasury is temporary. When it is time to fill up, be prepared for the flood of goodies!   

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