Finances – Study Before Jumping In DP

The Hierophant

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Finances – Study Before Jumping In

The new business idea sounds exciting! The glamour job looks fun! That challenging investment plan is promising! You want to get into them and make huge sums for yourself. However, do you really understand what you are going into? Do you have the skills to survive in that job, to keep that business alive? Do you know how those investment schemes actually work? Any chance to get rich may fail if you come in ignorant and unprepared for what lies ahead. The Hierophant in his wisdom counsels you to get rid of your ignorance. Study well before going ahead! Seek mentors who can guide you in your new ventures. There are books and the internet. Get into them to learn what you need to master. There are classes you can also take which are related to your dream job or business. Or you can just refresh the useful stuff you had already learned in school. The important thing is you jump in ready and you fully grasp what you are entering into. You do not want to be stupid enough to lose in the end!

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