Health – Be Prepared for Sudden Changes DP

The Wheel Of Fortune

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Health – Be Prepared for Sudden Changes

Things in your body can change at once like the weather. One minute you are strong, and the next thing you know you are bedridden. You are not all-powerful and invincible. What happens inside your body can change for better or worse. And then there are accidents, mishaps that can hurt you badly out there. Like the Wheel of Fortune that spins at random, so is our current state of health. You can never know when or what you will be sick with, or what terrible injuries will befall on you tomorrow. Get yourself prepared. Do some self-care, eat healthy, rest well, and do some exercises. The basics are fine. A check-up with your doctor can also help if you have nagging concerns. If you are going out of the house, be more vigilant of your surroundings and watch out for situations that can get you badly injured. The trick is to watch out and get ready before Fate plays its own tricks on you.

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