Health – Nurture Yourself DP

The Empress


Health – Nurture Yourself

That nice nap after a hard day’s work. A relaxing massage before that one. A good vegetable salad to eat for dinner and a good bath. Then some time to contemplate to keep yourself calm. Self-care is necessary, especially in the turbulent rush of modern living. Like little children in need of proper nurturing, so do we adults who need some well-deserved rejuvenation. The Empress comes like a mother to her children calling for her caring hands. We are called to stop for a while and accept the tender touch. When it feels like you need to put down your hectic schedule and do some R and R or some self-care activities, do it! Your worn-out body may thank you for it, and you may avoid getting sick. You will even function better afterward when you do get back to work!

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