Love – Brace For Disillusionment DP

The Moon

the moon

Love – Brace For Disillusionment

Your romance with your lover feels unending, blissful, eternal. You become blind to each other’s flaws and appear happy together in the eyes of the outside world. That naivety will be unfortunately shattered. It is a shallow romantic relationship, which is not based on reality but on how you imagine each other to be. In the same way that the Moon dispels the darkness and reveals what is hidden, so will the superficial be driven away from your romance. Prepare for eventual disillusionment! Genuine, mature love can survive and blossom after going through it. Can you be honest and authentic with each other as lovers? Can you accept each other’s defects and failings without harsh judgment? Are the two of you willing to work on yourselves and help each other become better people in your relationship? These are serious questions that require serious answers, and you as a couple must work on them after the rose-colored glasses have been broken.

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