Love – Take Courage and Intend your Romance DP

The Magician

the magician

Love – Take Courage and Intend your Romance

You see your love interest, but that person is unaware of your feelings. You get tongue-tied, paralyzed by your fear when it comes to opening up. Shyness and fear are your obstacles to a good romance. Do you seek to change this? Replace your fear with courage. As the Magician is brave enough to use mysterious powers for their intentions, so must you be brave when getting into love.  Know that the fear that paralyzes you may be fed by illusions, and that your shyness comes from being unaware of your own strength. Perhaps your love interest also has the same secret feelings for you, and all that is needed for romance is for you to open up. There is no harm in being honest and reaching out. Maybe all of the bad things you thought would happen if you fail are just dark imaginings that need to be driven away by the white magic of initiative.

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