Love – Your Values are Shared DP

The Hierophant

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Love – Your Values are Shared

You and your loved one rarely argue about things. People can notice it. You have the same goals, aspirations, and worldview. Your families get along with each other well, and even your life experiences are too similar. It is pretty obvious that both of you are compatible with one another, inside and out. This is what the Hierophant wants, for harmony in Love is possible when you have shared values. Romance blooms faster when there are very few differences between lovers. Incompatibility leads to too many compromises and adjustments, which will ultimately lead to unhappiness. You can see that forming bonds is easier when there is a lot of common ground. If you and your partner are in harmony and are very much alike in what you hold dear, treasure that and keep it constant. Your relationship will thrive long for it.   

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