Finances – Rose Colored Glasses DP

The Lovers

the lovers

Finances – Rose Colored Glasses

The concerns about money do not faze you. You do not listen to naysayers or prophets of doom. Rather, you view it all as a child’s game. The hard realities that come with investing? The cutthroat nature of making it big in your career? You disregard it all and jump in like a giggling fool to the fray. You win big anyway, because the power of positive energy works! Like Lovers high in their feelings, you look at money in a very happy way. Peering into the whole thing with rose colored glasses, and unafraid of the risks that come along the way. That courage and blind confidence, that positive and fresh expectation serves you well in its own way, and you get the jackpot! For the pursuit of wealth becomes a mere game in the view of an ecstatically happy person. 

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