Love – Do Not Be Selfish DP

The Moon

the moon

Love – Do Not Be Selfish

You truly love your partner so much. That is pretty obvious to anyone. You go to great lengths to prove it. The people around you are complaining though that you are too jealous, too possessive of your love. Your partner is saying that you must respect personal space and freedom. There is something wrong here. Perhaps you are being too selfish? Know that the Moon and the Sun do not shine together in the sky, but take turns and give way for the other in the heavens. So must you also do the same with your lover. Do not hog all the time and attention for yourself, but give space for freedom and privacy to the other party. Leave some room for resolving personal issues. Be more giving and generous to your companion instead of demanding that you must always be at the receiving end of all good things every time. True Love is a continuous sharing of each other without losing identity, and not taking and possessing the other for only oneself.

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