Love – Emotions. Hold Your Horses! DP

The Chariot

the chariot

Love – Emotions. Hold Your Horses!

Were there times that you and your partner ever went out of control? When your emotions got out of hand and caused all kinds of trouble? Whether it was anger, jealousy, impatience, or any of those other negative states, they did bring all kinds of unnecessary problems into your relationship. It caused fights between the two of you, or got you into issues with other people. In certain cases, you almost broke up with one another over an uncontrolled outburst! Reflect for a while. The horses of the Chariot are tied and guided in order to move forward. In the same way, keep your emotions on hold and under control. Have some rational moments and think first before reacting to anything. Many problems can be avoided by couples if they keep calm during negative and stressful circumstances. It can even save your relationship!  

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