Osiris Reading 33 DP


(1st – 10th March and 27th November – 18th December)

Intelligent, and trustworthy.

Wealth and Career

Planting seeds for today will give you a tree in a hundred years. Planning and preparing ahead for the future will secure your prosperity. Do not just walk into tomorrow blind, bumping yourself into one unfortunate state into the next. Save money, have investment goals, and know what future careers or exciting ventures you want to go into in the coming years. Your career and your finances need not be so uncertain and unpredictable.

Love and Relationships

Certain issues of yours may be laid bare. Your romantic partner and those close to you will notice that you are slightly more emotional and reactive these days. There are probably worries or concerns in your subconscious that are bothering you without even realizing it. Take time to cool off and explain your situation to others. Find a sympathetic ear also to listen to you and give advice when necessary. You need not walk around as a total grump when you are with others.

Health and Protection

Drunkenness can lead to all kinds of misfortune. Have you been drinking too much? It may be fun at first, but it can get you into all kinds of trouble. Fights and health problems are not a laughing matter. Seek help, and be aware of the temptation that comes when you see a bottle or a glass. Try drinking more water and fruit or vegetable purees instead. Cleanse your liver instead of poisoning it with all that liquor.

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