Sekhmet Reading 27 DP


(29th July – 11th August and 30th October – 7th November)

Chatty, fun, and positive.

Wealth and Career

What seems like defeat may actually be a blessing in disguise. What may appear like a loss may actually be a gain. Do not be discouraged when things do  not go as planned. Think deeply, and look carefully among the shattered pieces. There may be opportunities or good things you have missed among them. Find them and take advantage of them. You will rise again after the supposed failure of your plans.

Love and Relationships

Endings can be new beginnings. Disappointments can be gateways to something better. It is not the collapse of everything if ever your romance has failed. You are not a loser if you never found your soulmate. Pick up the pieces and keep moving again. You can always learn from your mistakes and do what you can. Love will eventually find its way to you sooner than you think.

Health and Protection

This is the period of restoration. The joy you may have lost during a period of depression will be returned to you. The energy that was drained by stress will be refreshed. The awful things your mind and body went through are not the final say. The strength to heal is within you, if you only rest and let it do its work. Let go of your worries and be calm.

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