Seth Reading 21 DP


(28th May – 18th June and 28th September – 2nd October)

Freedom-loving, and adventurous.

Wealth and Career

Wealth is not what is important, but your purpose for wanting it is. There are many tensions at work and at business for you right now. All of it boils down to cutthroat competition. Getting deep into it can lead to more losses than gains. As much as possible, drop out of any hard quarrels in your professional career and try to cool off. Even better still, the solution to your state of affairs is to go back to your roots. Remember that you are gathering wealth not only for yourself, but also for your family and loved ones. Going back to the people whom you care for will return your humanity. They may even help solve the problems that are bothering you right now.

Love and Relationships

Glitchy, chaotic, messy. The emotional state of your romance is in need of tidying up right now. You are likely having rough spots with your partner right now because of petty feelings you allowed to go uncontrolled. Some honesty and openness is required. Rather than acting unpleasantly, sit down and talk about what bothers you or your partner at this time. Free communication can improve your bonds and help you appreciate the other person’s views. The current matter is temporary and harmony can be restored soon enough.

Health and Protection

Free will is an important tool. You have the power to choose what works and does not for you. This is a time for self-reflection. What unhealthy parts of your lifestyle do you want to change? What good habits do you want to have? Know what those are, and make your choice. See what your fit and healthier friends do to keep their wellbeing and appearance in top form. Choose which of their practices do you admire the most and then apply them. The influences are out there, but you have the final say on which ones will be good for you in the long run.

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