Snake Reading 32



This is the sixth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. The Snake represents mystery and deep wisdom. Intuitive and secretive, they are also very independent thinkers.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

You are confused with regards to making professional decisions today. You cannot decide between your own common sense wisdom on one hand, the expert advice of your mentors on the other hand. Learn to compromise and find a middle path. Listen first to others and then look into yourself for your own answers. Move only towards your goals when you have found a consensus.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

People with nefarious agendas may try to take advantage of your friendship today. Be careful, especially if your family and friends have warned you about their secret motives. Do not be too trusting or generous with people you do not know for now. The risk may be too great. For now, stick only with your inner circle whom you have trusted for so long. Strengthening the camaraderie of existing relationships is a better thing to do for now.  

Health, Safety, and Protection

You will receive conflicting advice with regards to your health today. Some are just not suited for your current circumstances or are just too expensive to try out. Keep it simple, and just avoid the usual things that do affect you badly whenever you can. Social connections can boost your wellbeing today and provide safety and assistance, so do spend more time with family and friends when you can. 

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