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The Justice


Finances – Good Karma

Once upon a time, you were struggling with money, but even in that crisis, you gave help to someone in need. Or you were having problems at work, and yet you decided to assist a colleague who is in worse straits than you are. Then out of nowhere, good things start happening to you! A good break comes and cash flows into your life from random sources. A surprise promotion at work puts you in a post with a better salary and additional training. Some people call it karma. The reaping of what you have sown. This is the Justice of the Universe, which rewards you for your good deeds. The best path to success is not often found in being selfish or over competitive. No, in many cases it pays to be good to your fellow man, to be generous even during hard times. So if you see someone who is in trouble or you are in an opportunity to do a good deed for others, do not let it pass! Be sincere, and do it for them without hesitation. Who knows, it may possibly resolve many of your personal money or career woes.

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