Finances – Great Ambition DP

The Chariot

the chariot

Finances – Great Ambition

You see the few coins in your wallet, then you take a look at your coin bank. A disappointed look is on your face because it is not enough for you. Then, you reflect upon your career and life choices so far. It would have been nice if you were content with it, but no. You are dismayed with it all, and you believe that you actually deserve better! Like a conqueror on his Chariot going into battle, there is an ambition within you to seek greater things. Looks like it is time to do what you can to level up.Work harder on your job, or even change careers if need be. Try saving and investing more to build up your supply of cash. If you can, find a sideline or hobby you can also build up into something big and profitable. You have higher goals and a more comfortable spot out there to grab. It is time to run towards it as fast as you can!

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