Hapi Reading 40 DP


(1st – 7th January, 19th – 28th June, 1st – 7th September, and 18th – 26th November)

Loving, kind, and understanding.

Wealth and Career

Those at the bottom have nowhere to go but up. Your stay in the lower ranks at work will not always be long. There will be a reward for your long years of good service, a breakthrough for the wisdom you have acquired from the period of trial. It can come in the form of a promotion, a transfer to a better place, or even a better job offer elsewhere. Do not bemoan how mediocre your current place is, it can actually change to your liking.

Love and Relationships

Every ending is always a new beginning. You may have failed at love, and your romantic interest has broken up with you. Or you had a falling out with friends and coworkers that left you out in the dust. Do not despair, pick up the pieces and move on. Failure does not have the final say, and your break up does not define who you are as a lover. You can only learn the lessons from what has happened and go forward as a wiser person. Eventually, there will be better people who will be put across the path of your life.

Health and Protection

There are many choices and options in this world. You only need to make the proper ones for your health. Some of the things you do for your self care are no longer working, you can discard them now. There are better ways and habits that can improve your wellbeing, and you must adopt them. Your free will and discernment will help you make the correct choices, and some self awareness can go a long way.

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