Hapi Reading 8 DP


(1st – 7th January, 19th – 28th June, 1st – 7th September, and 18th – 26th November)

Loving, kind, and understanding.

Wealth and Career

The golden way of speaking brings forth prosperity. The rough way drives away wealth. Talking to others is part of your work and your daily affairs. The way you speak to others can make or break your plans. Are you polite, honest, and respectful with others? Or do you speak like an impulsive and untrustworthy person when you are with your associates? Talking properly and tactfully can bring in more opportunities and carry you further on the road to success. Present your opinions carefully and constructively also. No one wants an abrasive know-it-all in the meeting room!

Love and Relationships

Be as pure as doves, but as wise as serpents. You may have many people who wish to confess their romantic feelings for you. This may be happy news if you are single, but even so take caution. Not everyone is completely honest with their intentions. A few are out to take advantage, and there will always be those with wrong motives. Read between the lines and outsmart the deceivers. Genuine romance is different from that which is a scam.

Health and Protection

Mastering something new is hard. Rising above one’s weaknesses is a painful challenge. If you are ever trying to physically work out, go on a diet, or switch to a healthier lifestyle , then you know that there will be many false starts and failed attempts before you can have success. Despite all of these, never give up! Persistence and self-encouragement are the two pillars which will keep you going in your quest for better health. After all these, you will benefit from the brief period of hardship, after all.

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