Health – Get Rid of the Old Attitude DP

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Health – Get Rid of the Old Attitude

Bad habits. Ingrained attitudes towards your health that harm you in the long run. You tend to pass them off as minor concerns, but did you actually realize that the current malaise you have could have been caused by them? All that junk food, videogaming, and other vices may be fun now, but tomorrow they can put you down like a rock. Put those awful attitudes to Death! Time to discipline yourself and make hard changes for the good of your health! Forget about instant fun. Eating vegetables may be boring, hard exercise can be cruel, and sleeping early can be viewed as killjoy. But the effect they will have on you in the future will be one you may never regret. The sooner you do them, the better. Also, if you have been having a negative mindset for a while, try to cheer up and practice a more positive view of things. Whatever the state of your mind, your body also manifests.

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