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The High Priestess

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Health – Understand Your Condition First

Aches and pains. Sudden weakness in the morning, and a whole number of other things rebelling in your body. You view those things as simple problems. Perhaps you are tempted to go over the counter when treating them, but are you sure about it? The High Priestess admonishes you to be careful, and know what you are really dealing with before taking action. If what you are feeling has been lasting too long, forget about going to the drugstore. It may be something serious you don’t know. It may be time to seek the advice of a doctor or a specialist to check on you. Before you treat yourself with that cheap syrup or pills, try to know what your real health problem or malady is first. What you think of as something minor may prove to be big trouble, and only the guidance of someone more knowledgeable can help you treat it.

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