Love – Conquer Your Fears DP

The Chariot

the chariot

Love – Conquer Your Fears

Have you ever taken a romantic interest in someone? Likely you do. You want to experience the thrill of romance, the high of falling in love. But something within seems to be blocking you, self-sabotage is happening when you try to confess. Is it because of fear? Fear of rejection, of embarassment? Well, it is time to stop hiding in a corner. Take courage, time to be brave like the great hero on his Chariot. Clear the obstacles, conquer your fears! If you truly desire to find love, it is good to disregard the scared inner voices for a while and take the great risk. Yes, you may experience painful things along the way, but then imagine if you do get lucky! You really have to be brave in order to reach out and have the person you love the most. Only those who dare to face what they are afraid of will get the things they truly desire.

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