Love – Erase Negative Behavior DP

The Death


Love – Erase Negative Behavior

The state of your romance is awful right now. You both annoy each other with your nasty attitude. How many times have you hurt each other by being rude, disrespectful, jealous, and possesive? Also, it is likely that either of you are into vices that are totally destructive. Is it really love that the two of you have? Whether it is gambling, drinking, or sexual misconduct, whatever vice there is can turn romance into a desolate hell. Negative attitudes are meant to die an immediate Death. Have some self awareness, and make big positive changes in your behavior. Get rid of those things that  ruin you and your relationships. Use your romantic relationship for more constructive and meaningful purposes. Your love will bloom, and both you and your partner will become better persons if you do make the necessary changes.

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