Monkey Reading 21



The Monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. Those born under this sign are known for mischief and practical jokes. On the good side, they are also known to be curious and fast learners. Devouring new knowledge and skills are important to the people under the Year of the Monkey.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

You can win your boss and your coworkers today with friendliness. A polite attitude can get the work done better. Being charitable can also open up opportunities with the people you help. Sometimes you never know whom you lend your hand to. Exercise patience when planning for your future goals. Those that bring big rewards require a long time and a lot of effort before they get fulfilled.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Courteous behavior is the rule for today. Your romantic partner is no mere object, your friends are not tools. Talk to them respectfully and never forget their dignity as human beings. A bit of fortitude is also important. Some people are going through a rough patch and are in need of extra understanding and sympathy for today. 

Health, Safety, and Protection

Decluttering is important for today. To clear your mind of stressful thoughts, tidying up your desk can do wonders. To be free of any accidents or injuries, remove any items lying around that can cause them. Make it imperative to sanitize your surroundings also. Filthiness is a breeding ground for all kinds of illnesses. Do your best to avoid that.  

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