Monkey Reading 39



The Monkey represents mischief and curiosity in the Chinese Horoscope. As the ninth animal sign, those born under its influence are fast learners and hungry for new knowledge and skills. On the downside, they can be fond of practical jokes or ribald humor.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Go back to the essentials when it comes to doing your work. Keep it simple and straight to the point. Doing the bare minimum can get you through today without much stress. If you can find a way to do things faster without wasting too many resources, then go ahead and do so. Great success is not done in one go, but is the fruit of simple tasks done over and over again until the goal is reached.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

People have always loved you, even if they do not say it openly. This goes for your family, friends, and your soulmate. Do not worry about being left all alone, or being ignored or abandoned by those close to you. Overthinking about it will do you no good. Just remain with being loving, affectionate, and respectful of others. This will always ensure that your relationships will always be strong.

Health, Safety, and Protection

It only takes a spark to start a great fire. It only takes a few changes in one’s habits to have good health. Having a long life and enough strength to achieve success are sufficient motivations for you. You can start now, be it a change in your eating habits or your lifestyle. It does not need to cost you much to have a sound wellbeing. 

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