Mut Reading 32 DP


(22nd – 31st January and 8th – 22nd September)

Determined, goal orientated, and calm.

Wealth and Career

Life is unpredictable and mysterious. You can never know what will happen to your money and career tomorrow. It always helps to be prepared, to have back up plans in place. Have a savings account and put away money in different places. A sideline or second profession can be a good safety net also. Diverse sources of income can keep you away from poverty if ever your main job or business fails.

Love and Relationships

A great journey begins with a single step. A big fire starts from a single spark. Your chances of finding a romantic partner are great, the only problem is you do not know where to start. You do not need to go to outrageous lengths, or try silly ways to find love. Simply talking to a person or being truly helpful and charitable can open up paths for you. Love begins with simple good acts for others. People are attracted to those who seek genuine care and connection to them.

Health and Protection

This is the time to unload burdens. You are carrying too many things all at once, and it is preventing you from living a healthy lifestyle you intend for yourself. Sit down, and think through what you want to remove from your daily schedule that pins you down. It is better to set more realistic goals for both your career and your wellbeing.

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