Pig Reading 55



This is the twelfth among the animal signs. The Pig in Chinese thought represents devotion and focus. Those who are born under its influence are known to go after lofty goals. On a good side, they still retain their care and charity towards others while trying to pursue their own interests.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

There is a chance that you will make careless decisions today. Easy money and false expectations may tempt you to do so. But do not fall for it! Doing so will make you do things that you may regret later on. Think first, then be practical. The most sensible decisions are often those that call for caution and not haste. Success is better guaranteed by slow steps to progress, and not rushing head on into illusory goals.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Be mindful with how you treat your loved ones and friends today. Displays of selfishness and inconsiderate behavior are total turn-offs. It does not hurt to be polite when talking to others. Being cheerful with your demeanor also keeps your inner circle closer to you. The quality of your relationships is always a reflection of your personality. The good others do for you is simply the good you have done being returned to you. 

Health, Safety, and Protection

Pause for a while and examine your whole person. You may have been neglecting issues in your health, or you may have not been taking care of yourself properly these past days. The hard duties you have can do that to you. Taking a rest and fixing what needs to be fixed inside you will not hurt. It can save your life, and allow you to do more at your work in the future. You are a creature of flesh and spirit, and not a machine after all.

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