Rabit Reading 62



As the fourth animal of the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit is known for its creative nature, wit, and cultured intelligence. Those born under its sign are known for their affection and care towards those close to them.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Be careful of those whom you tolerate today. Do not entertain irresponsible colleagues at work or put up with toxic bosses who mistreat you. Abusive customers may need to be told off too. Financial matters related to your own money will cause you worries. Look into them and fix any problems before it leads you into bankruptcy.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

You do not need to act like a stone wall today. It is alright to be vulnerable and to be honest with your feelings to your friends and family. You may have some insecurities that need healing with the help of other people. Opening up and being honest with it is the first step to getting better. When dealing with toxic people, it is better to seek the help of a relationship expert before making any moves.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Do not pretend to be strong today. You do have some health problems or issues that do need immediate solving. Seek help from experts if you have to. Be honest with those close to you with regards to wellbeing. You may need their help later on. If you are unsure about your safety when you are planning to go out or do something, it is better to listen to your gut and postpone for a while.

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