Sekhmet Reading 36 DP


(29th July – 11th August and 30th October – 7th November)

Chatty, fun, and positive.

Wealth and Career

Be the lord of your finances and not its slave. Are you stuck with an unhappy job and low pay? Do you find it hard to make ends meet? Or are you wasting your money on useless items? Use your willpower and take control. Have the courage to find a better job or start a business. Study how to budget money and practice self discipline when you do have cash in your hands. Your prosperity and your poverty are dependent on your choices and actions.

Love and Relationships

Nitpicking is an annoying habit, and most especially so in romance. You are looking at your partner under petty lenses right now. Everything from the outer appearance, harmless habits, career, and education, and even hobbies are not spared from your criticism. It may even cause problems in your relationship if you are not aware of what you are doing. Time to nip this in the bud. Remember why you fell in love with that person, and put more focus on their good attributes. Certain quirks can be ignored if their good qualities actually outshine what annoys you. 

Health and Protection

You have been doing a lot to keep yourself in good shape. You eat healthy, exercise a lot, practice cleanliness, get enough sleep and avoid stress, get regular check ups, to name a few. But worrying too much about your wellbeing can give you anxiety and hypochondria. Take it easy, and enjoy some good things in life for a while. Do some fun things with people so long as it is wholesome. Remember that the point of keeping yourself healthy is so that you can live your life more to the fullest. 

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