Snake Reading 57



This is the sixth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. The Snake represents mystery and deep wisdom. Intuitive and secretive, they are also very independent thinkers.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Success can be attained through connections right now. Do not be a loner when it comes to attaining important goals. Take time to invite young and knowledgeable people to work alongside you. They will speed up your rise to the top. There are also great opportunities from the most unusual and unlikely individuals you meet. Try to be open to those contacts too. Our most important assets are not always material things, but the people around us, be they strangers or those whom we have known for a long time.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Conflicts and unresolved issues can affect your friendships and romance today. Resentments can affect your judgment of even your closest friends and family members. Practice utmost patience for now. Give room for people to make mistakes they cannot avoid. Look inward and confront your negative feelings before they poison your bonds with others. Remember that you cannot control others to suit your own happiness. It is only when we give room for others to move that our friends and loved ones reciprocate their happiness to us.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Pent up feelings and resentments can cause trouble today. They can make your body sick and your mind unwell. Let go of the need to control everything and to just let situations be. Playing god can be stressful in itself. Do not pressure yourself and others even just for now. Being that uptight can cause trouble for your health later on. Kindness towards others will not only bring new friends, but keep you away from literally getting ill as well.   

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