Thoth Reading 14 DP


(1st – 19th April and 8th – 17th November)

Wise, creative, and smart

Wealth and Career

The paths to success can be often the most unlikely routes. Sometimes you do not need great ambition or exaggerated goals in order to succeed. Oftentimes the path to prosperity is paved with humility. Are you willing to serve under someone else? You may benefit from their wisdom and guidance later on. Can you be unselfish and generous enough with others? The good karma you can reap will prop you up in the future. Forget your own agendas for a while and contribute first. Like seeds, money and success only grows when you let them all go.

Love and Relationships

The pillars that hold the temple up must stand apart. In love, the individuality of both parties are considered important as well. Are you being too clingy to your soulmate to the point of becoming toxic? Do the two of you need time alone for a while to sort out your personal matters? Being away from each other for a while and taking care of your own problems will not damage your romance. It can even save it in some instances as well.

Health and Protection

The best things in life take time to build. So it is with your health and fitness. If you wish to stay in shape or have a better body, it is wiser to stick to the tried and true methods. It may be slow, but they pay off with dedication and discipline. The process is safer, too. Forget about taking shortcuts. Those will not work and may even harm you. Doing hard things patiently will always achieve great results, especially when it comes to health.

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