10 Precautions to Consider on Day 4

Neglecting your obligations can cause setbacks and delays in your achievements.

What NOT to do on Day 4?

  1. You will be able to load yourself with excess work, sometimes from others
  2. Overworking can cause you to be exhausted or fed up.
  3. You can be very fickle and not finish anything
  4. Your very fixed or stubborn behaviors become obstacles
  5. Think about things before saying them especially if it is a month 3
  6. You can be very fickle and not finish anything
  7. They will be able to take advantage of you by assigning you more tasks, be careful!
  8. Obstacles and major efforts to achieve the same things
  9. It will take twice as much effort to make your day
  10. Excess physical activity without planning it

Amanda Cooper

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