Angel Number 771

Angel number 771 is one of the luckiest angel numbers in existence. But, unfortunately for you, this lucky number doesn’t mean you are without faults and problems in your life. You were born under a dark, hovering cloud with frequent problems in life. But amidst all the anguish you’ve been dealt, you are indestructible. You constantly find ways to grow and create success!


You are a very gentle person with lots of patience to go around. You are faithful to those you hold dear and remain true in all situations no matter what position it puts you in. But you are still flawed. You struggle with over-sensitivity when someone betrays you and require lots of time to move on from their betrayal. But, while you will never forget it, you have learned your lesson. No matter how much it hurts, know that your divine angels share your burden and do what’s in their power to shield you from harm’s way


Although you are a hopeless romantic, this lucky number doesn’t mean you are showered with abundant love and relationships. You fall in love easily and develop intense feelings quickly. As a result, you wound easily from a broken heart and rejection. Continue to listen to your intuition because all the love you give will come back around tenfold. 

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