CANCER 2 What makes you fall out of love?



What makes you fall out of love?


It is important to remember that falling out of love is a dismaying occurrence that happens inevitably due to some influential elements such as infidelity, consistent failure to provide the emotional needs of their partner, lack of communication, refusing to support the needs and desires of their partner and more. However, for Cancer people, the Crabs are known to be a complex zodiac sign that is recognized for their emotional depth and sensitivity. But even the most loving and affectionate Cancer individuals can fall out of love due to various reasons. Unlike most, Cancer individuals are extremely sensitive lovers who crave emotional connection in their relationships through holistic intimacy; physical and emotional closeness. However, on some occasions, they may feel like their partner is not emotionally present which will be extremely displeasing and saddening for the affectionate Crab and therefore may start to lose feelings of love and affection towards their partner. Cancer individuals also value openness and honesty in communication in their relationships and expect their partner to exercise transparency at all times for them to feel secured and assured. Once they feel like their partner consistently fails to make an effort to communicate effectively, they may start to feel insecure and will begin distancing themselves and worse, fall out of love. Cancer people desire security and stability in their romantic relationships and would be appreciative of a partner who will willingly make the necessary actions to fortify their romantic connection by making them feel secure at all times. This may include finding ways to stay in touch with their Cancer lovers and providing statements grounded by truth. However, once they feel like their relationship is unstable or unpredictable due to any form of deception such as dishonesty, they may start to feel anxious and stressed, leading to a loss of love and trust within the relationship.

Born under the fourth astrological sign, Cancer individuals have intense emotional needs on which they often rely their decisions on, and if they believe their partner is not making the extra mile to ascertain that their Cancer lover is pleased, they may feel distressed and anxious. They could begin to emotionally withdraw and break up with their partner if they believe that their needs are not being addressed like how they do with their partner’s own emotional requirements. Additionally, the Crab needs a partner who is supportive and understanding of their overall needs since these Cancer individuals are prone to neglect their own well being due to their maternal inclination and selfless love expressed through prioritization of their partner’s needs over their own. In circumstances that they may feel like their partner is not providing the support they need, they may start to feel neglected and fall out of love.

It is important to note that falling out of love is a complex and nuanced process, and these are just a few of the factors that may contribute to a Cancer individual losing their feelings of love and affection. However, with effective communication, effort, and understanding, it’s possible for Cancer individuals to rekindle their love and build a strong and lasting connection with their partner.

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